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  • Pure Sonic GmbH
  • Schulhausstr. 18, 6318 Walchwil, Germany
  • Official website
  • info@puresonic.ch
  • 041 758 15 76
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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Pure Sonic web site (August 2, 2009): Othmar Schälli, business owners of PureSonic Ltd. and developer of products is a graduate of PureSonic El. Ing FH, BSEE, system Ing NTB, Economic Ing. STV and has long experience in the field of electronics and acoustics. His profound knowledge in the field of the physiology of hearing is an important component to optimize the loudspeaker. The vision, the sound reproduction ever perfect based on commitment, a broad and deep knowledge coupled with the firm will be pragmatic and the findings effectively. With the same enthusiasm he now goes to each new development approach, and resolve them according to the latest findings of the relevant disciplines. In each of PureSonic speaker put the energy and enthusiasm of this man.

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