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General information[contribute]

The Proton D-1200 is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1986 to unknown.

Jos Willems (April 9, 2007): Proton Amps are imported first to Italy approx 1980. Magnat imported them from 1987 to Germany. They are fabricated by Fullet in Taywan.

The Proton Amps are the pre-models of NAD (in the early years of NAD, they only got another frontplate). Equipped with Power On Demand, they can supply enough power at impandances down to 1,2 Ohm. Countinous: 100W @ 8Ohm, 228W @ 4Ohm, and 912W @ 2Ohm measured in a lab. The sound quality is very good for the 1200.

Bob (June 29, 2009): The D1200 Power Amplifier was tested by Stereo Review. They proclaimed it to be "the loudest 100 watts they ever heard!" It is a dual mono construction amp meaning it has separate power supplies for each channel, left and right. The power is rated at 100 watts, but with the "Power On Demand" feature, this amp has 7.3db of headroom and can hit over 500 watts on short peaks into 8ohms! Signal noise is about 120db and the distortion is less than .02%

Audio states, "The D1200 has become quite a find since you rarely see them for sale and when you do, they can go for quite a penny. I've seen one that sold on Ebay for what it cost new, $700."

It has gold tip RCA connectors. Connect to your speakers either via banana clips or bare wire. The Proton D1200 is an immensely powerful power amp. It is conservatively rated at 100 watts per channel RMS from 20 to 20,000Hz with no more than 0.02% total harmonic distortion. Dynamic power (power when playing actual music), thanks to headroom of 7.3dB, is rated as follows:

David (February 1, 2010): - DPD (Dynamic Power on Demand) circuitry is a system using multiple supply voltage rails.

Dave (February 3, 2010): * Not all of these Proton D1200 amplifiers are bridgeable. Some were and some were not. Most were not. It is actually a rare find to get one that is bridgeable.

Dave (February 3, 2010): * Picture number 6 on the left shows a nonbridgeable model, Picture number 10 on the left shows a bridgeable model

Paul Benz (May 10, 2013): I have a pair of Proton D1200 that my late son has left. Need help on hooking them up. Thank you so much.

Doerty Ho (December 23, 2015): Here is a review:


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Paul Padilla (February 14, 2010): Hello I was inquiring what parts you have available for the D-1200.

Thank you,

Paul Padilla


Dereck (July 10, 2017): Video showing VU Meter Light replacement (with LED lights):


Dereck (July 10, 2017): D1200 tested for RMS output power:

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