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Proton web site (August 2, 2009): As PROTON prepares to mark its 33rd anniversary as a leader in the design and development of high-end consumer electronics products, there is much to celebrate - and much to anticipate.

The company, which began in a single office in Santa Monica, California with nothing more than high ideals and one very small, very advanced FM receiver, has grown to become one of the most consistent producers of critically acclaimed, beautifully designed audio and video products.

PROTON's product line's contemporary, polished industrial design and unstinting attention to engineering detail quickly became hallmarks of the 'PROTON style'. This precedent setting combination of outstanding appearance and performance earned PROTON a Consumer Electronic Show Design and Engineering Award, the first of many industry accolades the company would receive in the ensuing years. While the audio specialty category has long been a PROTON stronghold, it is in the home theater arena where the company has made its boldest strides and where it continues to record its greatest successes.

Today, with PROTON's never-ending dedication in producing the best video products the human can receive, The Company embarked on a campaign of developing award-winning, technologically innovative, and aesthetically superior LCD TVs. With over 30 years of spectacular knowledge in presenting the best visual experience, PROTON's exclusive video enhancement technology is born: Puriti. The Puriti technology signifies PROTON's legendary picture quality, and its relentless pursuit of perfection guarantee a level of visceral, visual entertainment that stands above the rest.

This long line of advanced video components, regularly rated 'best in class' by a host of prestigious consumer and trade publications, has cemented PROTON's reputation as the 'One to Watch' in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic industry. With forward-thinking forays into convergence television, innovative digital audio components, and meticulously crafted specialty audio systems, the company has ensured an exciting future for the home electronics industry.

Bubba (January 23, 2011): Proton produced Onix amplifiers for a few years. They purchased the company. The Onix brand was then sold to an Australian company.


Proton web site (August 2, 2009): Having almost 50 years of experience in electronics, PROTON is one of the greatest achievements of the late Mr. C.C. Hong, a pioneer in the establishment of the Taiwan consumer electronic industry. After starting N.E.G. (National Electronics Group) in 1946, Mr. Hong began developing and diversifying his base by adding 15 different manufacturing facilities.

On July 14, 1964, N.E.G. founded Fulet Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. The company was created to produce high quality products for several prominent audio companies on a worldwide basis. Seeing the world electronics business from that unique vantage point, Mr. Hong recognized an opportunity to deliver a high-end product to a niche market to an unsatisfied demand. In early 1974, the decision was made to form a company and the family chose the name PROTON for its new enterprise, representing a 'stable, positively charged' company.

In 1982, PROTON unveiled its highly acclaimed table radio, the P300, better known in the market, as 'The Radio,' and featuring a self powered extension speaker, the P301. These sleek, all black products were so unique and provided such good sound that the public quickly embraced them. The Radio received a Consumer Electronics Design and Engineering Award and was named one of Rolling Stone magazine's top products of the year. 1982 was also the year that PROTON introduced the world to a better way to wake-up in the morning with the introduction of the 320 clock radio, which became known as 'The Clock Radio.' Both the 300 and 320 are still benchmarks for the consumer electronics industry.

PROTON entered the competitive home video (TV) market at the end of 1982 with the introduction of the PROTON 600M video component system. The all black and uniquely designed component system was an instant success. With the 600M system, PROTON engineering achieved a new level of video performance and began Proton's reputation as 'Clearly the Best' picture of any television available. The critical acclaim was unanimous and VIDEO magazine named the 600M 'the best we've tested' and 1983's 'Best Picture.' Proton's dedication to picture quality continues today and will always be the purpose for its existence.

In 1984, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, PROTON introduced its first home audio component, the 930 stereo AM/FM digital receiver with FM tuner circuitry designed by Larry Shotz. Like all PROTON home audio components to follow, the 930 was designed to complement Proton's video system in appearance and performance. At the 1985 Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest product introduction in Proton's history took place. Among the new offerings were four major video products. The year also saw the continued acceptance of Proton's video products as the standard of the 'Pro-Consumer' products that bridge the gap between professional products and consumer. Television stations (CBS-TV, NBC-TV and many independents) around the US increased their use of PROTON's monitor/receivers in their studios to the point where TV show producers and directors found their engineering staffs were using PROTON. Consequently, they also started demanding PROTON products for their shows. The film industry discovered how good a video image presented on a PROTON monitor/receiver filmed and began using PROTON as their reference for video images in movies from Paramount, Warner Bros., MGM, and others.

The innovations continued in 1986. PROTON received rave reviews and a patent for its exclusive Dynamic Power on Demand circuit design. The company introduced the '40 Series' audio components. In addition, the PROTON 625 stereo television was honored with VIDEO magazine's 1986 'Product of the Year.' 1986 also saw two additional Consumer Electronics Show Design and Engineering Awards for PROTON and the Hi-Fi Grand Prix Award for the 940 stereo receiver with DPD. When the rest of the TV industry was just introducing 26 screen sizes, PROTON delivered the 27 VT-290 stereo television, staying true to its philosophy to be a leader.

In the 90s, PROTON collected more awards for its dynamic line of products. Those included a clock radio and a uniquely designed universal remote, as well as hi-fi Stereos and televisions. The Company introduced its first digital chassis television in early preparation for the coming of HDTV. In 1994, PROTON responded to the demand by their customers for larger direct-view CRT products and delivered the finest 35 television ever the NT-3740 is filled a huge demand from the videophiles, as well as the average viewer, who simply wanted the best. In 1995, PROTON made a serious, and once again as the unique leader of the niche marketers, solid commitment to 'Widescreen' television. Some critics were quoted saying 'PROTON had the best wide screen pictures they have ever seen ' referring to PROTON's WT-3650 & WT-3250.

After 30 years of passion in pursuing the best picture performance for its customers, PROTON entered the realm of LCD TVs. Using its phenomenal experience in producing superior CRT TVs, PROTON engineers were able to relocate their expertise into this new technology and yet introduce industry-leading picture quality. In 2005, PROTON made a tremendous accomplishment that marked its milestone, the birth of its exclusive video enhancement technology, Puriti. The Puriti technology defines PROTON's legendary picture quality, and its relentless pursuit for perfection from the award-winning engineers over the decades. Puriti guarantees a level of visceral, visual entertainment that stands above the rest, and staying true to the founding spirit of PROTON.

Frank Lee (March 29, 2011): PROTON ACHIVEMENTS






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