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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Primare web site (January 20, 2010): Technology should evolve to remove complexity, but every new gadget has a bewildering array of features we'll never use, programming tasks we'd rather not think about and multi-functional buttons that seem counter-intuitive.

Primare's answer is quintessentially Scandinavian: embrace the best technologies but simplify access to them. We try to understand the complicated stuff so that you can appreciate the value of simplicity. We believe that real sophistication resides in the power of a functional, reliable design that looks and feels good and that performs really well and we build-in the qualities that we think will make you feel good over many years.

Primare is a democracy of design: a close-knit team of experts seeks the most practical solutions to address core values.

Primare Sound? There is no Primare sound: Primare is in the service of audio and video fidelity. There is no design focus to create the Primare sound. The objective is to reduce noise and distortion in the signal path by using the best possible components, multiple internal power supplies, short signal transits, isolated display/control/processing/amplification circuits and by placing all gain control in one device.

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