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Power Mag web site (January 20, 2010): Introducing POWER-MAG: The solution to all your inductor, choke and transformer needs. At Power-Mag, we committed to only the highest standards of quality and reliability concerning coil product. Whether your requirements are custom or standard, we incorporate state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to assure your complete satisfaction.

Power-Mag's "TOTAL COMMITMENT" policy ensures 100% customer satisfaction by supplying:


Power-Mag's Research, Development, and Engineering teams are all staffed in the United States. You are welcome to visit our facility and work closely with our engineers to generate custom-designed transformers. For even more convenience, you may email or FAX us your custom, detailed specifications of your unique inductor and transformer requirements and our team will make it happen. Since our facility is in the United States, we can support your sample evaluation needs with minimum turnaround time. Technical support is available anytime over the phone. Our engineers are prepared to answer any technical questions you may have regarding inductor, choke and transformers, from concept to completion.


Power-Mag committed to all order quantities. No order is too small or too large. We remain versatile and flexible to ensure product quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Our domestic manufacturing facility is conveniently located near our engineering laboratory. Before any mass production takes place, our domestic manufacturing facility performs a pilot run analysis and provides you with evaluation samples to ensure the product's design and performance capabilities. Once that has been established, each mass-produced unit goes through stringent testing before they are shipped.


At Power-Mag, we set high standards for ourselves to ensure you receive the highest quality product available anywhere.All of our test equipment is calibrated accordingly at recommended intervals. Our 100% quality control analysis is applied to every unit we produce, domestic and foreign. Once the pilot and evaluation units have passed our strict testing process, our domestic and international facilities can achieve a six sigma (CPK=2) productivity rate. In order to meet our own stringent quality needs, we must ensure you receive reliable products from us that meet your 100% satisfaction. Our "TOTAL COMMITMENT" policy is our assurance to customers who appreciate only the highest quality.

At Power-Mag, we commit to higher standards that not only satisfy our customers but also ourselves.

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