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Polk web site (August 2, 2009): In the beginning, there was Matt Polk and George Klopfer. They popped out of Johns Hopkins in the early seventies with physics and mechanical engineering know-how. It was a real DIY time in the young mainstream audio industry, so they began developing new loudspeaker designs. They designed it all -- the complex engineering, math and actual construction, with their own hands. Their speaker creations, such as the beloved original Monitor line, which included many patented audio designs, delivered natural sounding, full range lifelike sound at a price people could live with.

Today, Polk Audio continues this tradition as an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high performance, reasonably priced audio products. Polk Audio holds more than 65 patents for advances in audio design and technology. And Polk Audio, the largest audio brand of Directed Electronics, Inc., is still proudly based in Baltimore, right where we started.

When you visit our Baltimore headquarters, you'll meet sales people, service reps, engineers and technicians who also happen to be musicians (and musical instrument designers), audiophiles (and car-audio competition winners), home theater buffs, tube-equipment fanatics (still!) and even the odd vinyl LP collector (and he is odd, believe us). You'll meet professionals who plug in their instruments and throw down some self-penned tunes during meeting breaks, and others who could teach courses on the physics of transducers.

Everyone at Polk Audio is proud to bring something exciting to his or her job, whether it's retail floor-sales experience, a physics degree, knowledge of carpentry, a little black book of press contacts or some special marketing know-how. For all of us at Polk Audio, designing audio equipment is not just our job, it's our passion.

We invite you to get involved, sign in, join us, talk to us, and get to know us. We're here to have fun, and to enjoy great sound all around; from your basement playroom, to your home theater or video game setup, to your outdoor deck and even in your car! Welcome to the great sounding world of Polk Audio!

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