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Dynamic Speakers
Horn Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
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Platinum Audio web site (August 2, 2009): From the efficient Studio Series to the highly-praised Listening Room Series to the ultimate Reference Series, we believe that we have created the best speakers you can find anywhere.

Our speakers are more true to the music than any speakers in their price range and even better than many in much higher price ranges! Critics are saying that they wouldn't believe it if they hadn't heard it with their own ears. And professional musicians are using them in their own recording studios! See our review page to find out more about what the critics and professionals are saying about us.

Our intent was to create loudspeakers without compromise despite their compact size. By this we mean that our speakers present a full frequency spectrum accurately and musically, have a wide dynamic range for tracking with articulation and detail and have an exterior design that implies timeless elegance. Our solid acrylic top and bottom plates add rigidity and inertness to our speakers and are hand-polished to a mirror finish.

We build every speaker on-site at our New Hampshire headquarters. Each speaker is built with exceptionally high quality materials and meticulous construction, using proprietary technology in almost all of our components. We also use proprietary software to test our speakers.

Each speaker is suited for different room sizes, different power sources and different tastes. They are all smaller than the larger speakers most audiophiles believe are necessary for full, hi-fi sound. Review the information included on each series page to find the speaker that is most suited for your needs. Then listen to them. Once you hear them, you'll be convinced of their outstanding musical abilities.

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