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Pinsh Audio web site (August 2, 2009): Pinsh are a properly-funded UK audio company with an impressive pedigree and an innovative approach to music and speech reproduction in the home. We specialise in hybrid cone/ribbon audiophile loudspeakers and stand-alone super, ultra and hyper tweeters. All our ribbons are designed and built in house. We are one of the very few loudspeaker makers to do this. We have been engaged in audio research for 25 years and have developed our own ribbon technology during the past 21 years. We commenced fundamental research in ribbon loudspeaker technology in 1981.

This led to the construction of in excess of 3000 prototypes and several hundred working models. Having spent more than 30,000 hours in our pursuit, we believe we know more about the pitfalls and benefits of ribbon loudspeaker technology which would be advantageous to our customers. Our first commercial product, the Pinsh-1 speaker was released in 2004, a mere 24 years after we commenced research. There are two other models in the current range. However we have been selling bespoke systems to customers over the last 25 years.

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