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  • Pink Triangle Projects Ltd.
  • 111 South Drive, Barrington, IL 60010, USA
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  • +1 847-526-1660
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Pink Triangle web site (November 25, 2009): London, England based manufacturer of high end audio products, started out in1979/80 by manufacturing a turntable by the same name that had some unusual design features such as a battery driven motor, branched into digital audio systems in 1993 to some critical acclaim, ceased trading in 1999. The rights to the name and the products was bought by in 2000 and the new company was named Pink Triangle Partnerships and the company released updated versions of some of their digital products along with a new high end CD player, but the new company somehow failed to get the markets attention and voluntarily ceased trading in the summer of 2003. The company had a number of rather interesting advertising slogans that were designed to take the mickey out of famous slogans of other British audio companies, one of the more memorable ones was : The Closest Approach to the Master Tape.

News: Pink Traingle is closed for re-construction..<(date unknown) For all your immediate service requirements, please contact:

George Eleftheriou (September 25, 2009): I want to buy 2 belts for my pink triangle little pink thing. Can you deliver in cyprus and hou much?

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