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Pilot web site (August 2, 2005): PILOT is a range of specialist low powered amps with all the attributes of those classic 1950s designs. Amps with their own character - free from digital effects or modelling.

Back then, 15-25 watts was the most power you could get, so it's not hard to imagine that very efficient speakers were used to convert that humble power into the loudest acoustic energy possible. That's how most of the classic speakers in use today were conceived. Sadly, now-a-days, low power usually means a cheap and nasty combo with a barely adequate 8" or 10" low budget speaker crammed into the smallest cabinet possible, sounding... well, like a chain saw ripping through sheet steel! No, classic tone is our goal.

From clean country to heavy rock, these P25 class amps can do it. 'Rock Around The Clock' style solos to Beatles to Hendrix and Van Halen, are all easily re-created. Even Hank Marvin tones from 1961 - all available on the P2505 model. But if that's not your bag, then choose the more jazzy/country all-clean P2501 model. This amp produces that classic American twin amp tone, but in a package that's not gonna break your back, or bank balance. It's packed with shimmering spanky tone that'll make the hair on your neck stand up! These amps do truly sound big and vintage, without all the weight and poor reliability of old amps. Building down to the lowest possible price is not PILOT's aim. We design high quality amps which sound like the 'old school' amps of yester-year, but incorpo-rate all the features of modern amplifiers.

Like Effects Loop, Speaker Simulated headphone output, Direct Recording out-puts, up to two overdrive channels, spring reverb and CD Inputs which allow you to jam along with backing tracks commonly available with some guitar magazines. All controls are designed to have smooth gradual operation and will not suddenly leap into over-powering loudness like some well known makes. This makes PILOT amps ideal for home or studio use.

We do not skimp on the quality of parts used either. Only the best components for the job are specified. That's why all PILOT 25 Watt guitar amps come with the highly acclaimed Celestion G12M GreenBack 97dB speaker as standard, built into a cabinet large enough to to give a fuller tone -whilst keeping them small enough to be easily transportable.

For even more acoustic sound output and lighter weight, you can upgrade the speaker to the fabulous 103dB Celestion Cenury-Vintage speaker, which can increase the sound output level equivalent to raising the output power to 100 watts.

Because we sell direct, we can offer you the very highest quality of tone and value in our products... and you can rest assured that they are hand assembled here in the UK by skilled people. There are no catches and we even offer a 30 DAY NO QUIBBLE REFUND policy if you are not totally blown away with the tone or quality.

At last, those of you who do not want a big amp but can't find a reasonably priced small combo with good tone and enough output for rehearsals... these amps are just what you've been looking for. Magestic tone in a small package and designed by Award-Session, so you know they're gonna be good already!

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