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Dynamic Speakers
Ribbon Speakers

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Piega web site (January 2004): Music. That's really the only important issue when it comes to loudspeakers. But music sometimes gets lost in product information and reviews, technical terminology referring to impedance, frequency range, resistance, ohm. Music sometimes is overlooked in descriptions of brilliant musical fireworks with x or y watts and which model can produce almost anything from nothing.

We at Piega see and hear it in a much simpler way. In our view, the best loudspeaker is the one which does not interfere. The superior loudspeaker is the one which adds no sound of its own. The premium loudspeaker is the one which accurately and naturally reproduces the sounds recorded in a studio.

Since 1986, Piega has worked to perfect this ideal with a pioneering spirit, ideas and exacting handwork. So how close have we come to achieving the ideal? You can easily judge for yourself. The most precise gauge for measuring sound the human ear already is built into you.

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