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  • Koudenhorn 76, 2011 JE Haarlem, Netherlands
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  • 023 5512151
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Dynamic Speakers

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Pied Piper web site (August 2, 2009): The Pied Piper has more than quarter century designer by Gerbrand van Veen and his team consists of himself alongside ing JHA Schipper, A. Schipper and A. Ing Plover. The company uses the specialties of various Dutch suppliers including ODM, a former division of Delft Instruments.

Unique is also the method of sale referred. The speakers are assembled in the studio of the Cold Horn 76 in Haarlem and tested. Behind the workshop, where the customer may quietly look around, is a cozy listening room, decorated as a living room which can be listened to his or her own CDs, but a wide choice from more than 1500 CDs and 1000 records are also available. The listener is Gerbrand personally as it were included in a musical journey through all of the remaining musical heritage from the thirties of the last century to the present. An experience in itself!

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