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Philco manufactures or has manufactured the following equipment (click to expand models list):

Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Valve Amplifiers

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Download Complete instruction manual for adjusting all Philco radios volume 1
Download Complete instruction manual for adjusting all Philco radios volume 2

Mike Mason (December 2002): There was some confusion wether Philco and Pickering were the same brand or were related in any way. As far as I know there was no connection. Although it seems possible that Philco licensed the Pickering design for the electrostatic unit on the package system shown on your very interesting website, from the photo the Philco unit looks different enough from the Pickering Isophase that Philco might just have freely adapted the external design of the Isophase.

During my early childhood Philco was still one of the major American manufacturers of radios and TVs -- but I had no idea how innovative the company was until I saw this site (for example, they started the first all-electronic [that is, no mechanical scanning-wheel] TV station in the U.S.); so it's not too surprising that they would have made a console hi-fi with an electrostatic loudspeaker -- what a great collector's item for the history of electronic media! -- I hope those who have one will preserve it for the museum of electronic media that I hope we'll have one day (perhaps it should be an online web museum -- it seems as if that's the direction in which you're already going.


John McEnroe (January 2001): Philco began its activities in 1906 as Philadelphia Storage Battery Co., a brand name for batteries and chargers. It produced its first radio in 1927, growing to one of the largest radio manufacturers.

In 1959, Philco Italy was formed. Sold by Ford to Bosch-Siemens in the Seventies, Philco Italy became part of Italy's Merloni Group in 1987.

In 1989, the Philco name was acquired from Ford Motor Company by Brazilian computer company Itautec's Itausa group for the Brazilian market. In July 1994, Itautec Philco S.A. was formed, which is a producer of consumer electronics not only for Brazil, but also for export to North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Old There is an unusually interesting history of Philco on this website created by a long-time Philco engineer (who is now at the Ford-Philco experimental engineering center).

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