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Dynamic Speakers

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TAC (August 1, 2009): To date we could not find any information on this brand other than the models listed. Any info would be highly appreciated.

Don Clifton (January 5, 2010): I sold Phase Research speakers in the late 1970's. Still have a pair of Model R's in the basement waiting on a recone job. There were three models in the line, R, RT and LittleD. They had an odd look to them, but they delivered for the money. The designer was Phil Clements of Clements Audio. He came to our little store to do demos and he put on quite a show! Last I knew he was doing in-wall units.

Frank (May 11, 2011): Phil Clements now lives in Chandler AZ and does make in-wall and outdoor speaker systems, i have a pair of RT-1 towers and have had them for many years and haven't found any speakers to compare to them for the price. A few of my friends still own other PR speakers including the Little-D's and a friend of ours was the sales rep for Phil in the Northeast. here is a link to some of his Clements line after he started a new company,

Frank (May 11, 2011): looking at another forum i posted on awhile back, i got this info for phil there..

Frank (May 11, 2011): And Don, if you ever decide to do something with those speakers, recone them yourself if it's just the surround part that needs fixing, i just did a pair of larger advent speaker surrounds and it's easy if you just follow the directions they give when you buy the parts, also if you are intersted in parting with them for a fair price i would be interested in hearing from you, please let me know via this webpage and i'll keep checking in. Not sure where your store was/is, but i know one of phils salesreps from way back then and got to meet and talk to the man himself when he came to NYS to show some speakers to the rep. (Jeff Hess)

Charles (November 10, 2012): I think I found a pair of Little D's on eBay can someone confirm they have the original woofers for me. A friend of mine bought a pair at Audio Systems in Laredo, TX and we ran them off his Alpine 7307 cassette deck, 3011 equalizer and a 3002 power amp and the sound out of them was nothing short of incredible. Sure would like to have a pair. The ones on eBay are rough as hell but I am willing to get them back into shape but the woofers do not like they are original but it has been 30yrs since I have seen a pair. Help!

John Ryan (January 3, 2013): To Charles:There are some pictures of the speakers that I have uploaded to this website. There is also a video on youtube in regard to is however in German but it does show a good view of the woofer.

I am looking to have my set of model r's rebuilt.

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