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Perfect Performer web site (August 1, 2009): In the design of the Perfect Performer speakers, the naturalness and authenticity of the presentation always.

Therefore, special attention paid to phase coherence (phase equal basis tones and harmonic overtones in the vocals and music) and to the prevention of delayed resonances (after hastily). Over five years experience in designing and building high-fidelity speakers have taught us that these two aspects of the utmost importance for quality playback. The PP-speakers use of knowledge and experience of many decades experimental hi-development: knowledge, unfortunately, many other designers / manufacturers have been lost. For the technically interested, we indicate that all our speakers are equipped with standard first-order crossover for optimum phase linearity. And it is critically tuned reflex systems, which means that the reflex pipe (at the rear) is not there to produce more bass, but distortion in the resonant frequency to occur. The reflex pipe is very low frequencies in the work of the basunit, so that this power is relieved.

From low subsonic to supersonic high performance of unprecedented quality: very analytical, with a high resolving power and with a huge peace, consistency, naturalness and naturalness. Even owners of very expensive "high end" speakers will look up the details and melodic lines through the PP speakers for the first time in familiar images to hear. Previously as "undefined low qualified expressions such as a bass drum on the drum major to be - with clearly observable attacks - or a pianissimo bass coated with easy to follow melody. In many cases, sharpness and hoarseness not the recordings, but previously applied to the speakers.

In pictures seem good vocalists and instrumentalists physically present. Basins Zinderen metallic copper Schaltwerk radiant, strings choirs shine. Corn is suddenly well understood ...

The Perfect Performer speakers are used universally for all types of music. Romantic opera or symphonic work in their major occupation is as easy as baroque, jazz or pop music.

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