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Pegasus Audio web site (January 18, 2010): In 2003, AudioPega, Inc is established for the purpose of world wide Marketing and World wide Distribution of Pegasus Brand Car Audio Products. The target of Pegasus is to supply High Quality Sound at affordable price to market.

To achieve this target, we build up special relation with Toptone Group who has been OEM supplier of Car Audio Equipment since 1964.

Pegasus provides accurate market information such as price, design and specification of market demand to Toptone and purchase Pegasus Brand Products from Toptone Group only. Toptone provide R & D function to Pegasus and produce Pegasus Products based on the market information, newest technology and its own know how build up since 1964. The products supplied by Toptone are distributed by Pegasus to World Wide Market with reasonable profit which two party agreed. It seems like almost same as other company who are outsourcing products from OEM manufacturer, however, the biggest difference is we, Pegasus and Toptone, seek what is the best way to supply High Quality Sound at affordable price to market.

We, Pegasus, do not have any intention to be big giant corporate in the future, we try maintain minimum size of organization and shear tasks “to supply High Quality Sound at affordable price to market” with specialized professional companies in each field.

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