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Solid State Amplifiers

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Orpheus web site (May 2009): ORPHEUS offers modular solutions with open and compatible architecture. The products' design allows easy upgrading to adapt to new standards, as well as improved processing algorithms. They are also designed to be added to and integrated into existing systems, or to replace existing components. Additionally , they are well-suited for professional and private users. Both audiophiles looking for highest sound quality and dedicated audio engineers from broadcasting, recording, mastering and so on looking for best performance are among our customers. They all look for the same result and find it at ORPHEUS: excellence !

In the near future, traditional audio equipment as we know it today may well be part of a much more integrated information and entertainment system. Specific technologies originating from different domains -such as audio, video, computers or home appliances- are already converging today. As a manufacturer of digital and analog audio signal processing systems, we strive to offer the latest technologies in order to reproduce reality as accurately as possible.

Our staff is made of people with complementary backgrounds and knowledge in engineering, manufacturing and management. This team structure and previous experience in high end audio companies, as well as in other domains, enables ORPHEUS to offer innovative and evolutive solutions within a strong and original business model.

As of 1st August 2003, ORPHEUS has become an independent company. This new structure will enable to further and better serve customers' needs with advanced designs and solutions.

Since August 2005, ANAGRAM reduced its investment in Orpheus Laboratories Sarl through an increase of capital to become a minority shareholder. The management responsibilities have been taken over by the new investors, and to reflect this change, Orpheus Laboratories Sarl is now operating under the new name of Orpheus Media Sarl.

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