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Orpheus web site (August 8, 2009): Orpheus has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high fidelity audio speakers for 20 years. The company has a solid base in Australia with two separate facilities in Sydney; one for design and testing, the other for warehousing and distribution.

The company's commitment to excellence along with its years of experience in designing high quality and high performance audio equipment has led to the growth of a substantial following in Australia. This is true for the consumer range as well as for the company's commercial studio and reference equipment. Orpheus Audio professional users in Australia include ABC Radio and TV, Studio 301 (formerly EMI Studios, Sydney), Channel 10 and Channel 7 TV Studios. Orpheus also sells through a very select dealer network in Australia comprising 20 of the best hi-fi stores in the country.


In the 1960's Designer Brad Serhan's great uncle Bill Mawer was head technician of a company that imported Quad valve amplifiers and Quad electrostatics. This association was the catalyst for Brad's interest in music and hi-fi. Whilst studying electrical engineering at university in the late 1970's, hi fi tweaking with fellow residential college students provided Brad with a passion for loudspeaker design. In 1980 this passion culminated in Brad's first loudspeaker project, a 3 way bass reflex design. These loudspeakers were sold to the Senior Student of the residential college and further sales to fellow students ensued. In 1984 Brad Serhan founded 'Orpheus Loudspeakers'. The company's first model was the Dolomite. It proved to be the first of several designs which were pivotal in the evolution of Orpheus.

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