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  • Opus 3 - Rauna
  • Blabärsvägen 12, S-691 47 Karlskoga, Sweden
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  • rauna@telia.com
  • +46 586 52420
  • +46 586 56250


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Rauna website (february 2001):

Opus 3 - an idea Opus 3 is a small independent Swedish recording company dedicated to recording timeless acoustic music such as jazz, folk music and classical music. Our aim is to reproduce voices and instruments as naturally and accurately as possible. To attain this we choose recording. environments with good natural ambience.

The positioning of the musicians is planned to give the best possible musical communication between them and the most favourable interplay between them and the recording environment. We avoid all forms of devices and electronic manipulation that could change the natural sound. We try to give you the chance to recreate the feeling and atmosphere that we experienced at the moment of recording.

Besides producing just record albums and CDs, OPUS 3 and RAUNA's producer and inventor Bo Hansson has developed a series of high quality audiophile equipment. These include hi-tech design speakers, turntables, and tone arms. See our product catalog for more information and illustrations.

Opus 3 - Bo Hansson, Producer Bo Hansson is the inventor, producer, technician and driving force behind RAUNA and OPUS 3's line of products. Bo started OPUS 3 in 1971 together with Jan-Eric Persson

Since that time, OPUS 3 has become an audiophile's dream, with outstanding reviews and commendations from all over the world. The records have distributors in most areas of the world. OPUS 3 records produced by Jan Eric Persson's company LJUDINSPELNING may be purchased directly via them.

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