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Optimus manufactures or has manufactured the following equipment (click to expand models list):

Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

General information [contribute]

Jean Vagnus (January 25, 2010): How many speaker models did Optimus market during the 1970's and 80's? To speak to all of the designs would be foolish. For the most part, however, Optimus and quality are oxymorons.

I can think of no Optimus speaker, from any time period, that could not be bested, and usually substantially, by a less expensive (and usually substantially less expensive) speaker from a better speaker company. Optimus was not a speaker company; they were a brand name placed on merchandise marketed by Tandy. That's a bit diferent than speakers from Advent or JBL during the same time span.

Greg Fedorowicz, Sr. (March 3, 2011): Allied Radio was bought out by the Tandy corporation and later named themselfs Radio Shack. Radio Shack, Tandy, and Allied Radio was the company that sold gear for electronics tect's that liked to build kits and repair equipment at home.
Optimus is not an oxymoron and it is true one could spend less money for the same quality elsewhere or pay less to get better or inferior speakers. Optimus speakers were in my opinion were great speakers and they were not made out of junk speakers parts or pressed wood if one wanted to sand down a cabinet and revarnish it they would find a nice piece of furniture. Many time's i looked into Knight International stereo conponants and i found Pioneer parts. Knight International was an Allied Radio product line.
have a nice day

Speakerdude86 (October 7, 2013): Optimus was a trade name for Realistic, or of Radioshack. They made speakers from the 70s to the 90s. They manufactured bookshelf speakers to tower speakers,

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