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Nova Audio web site (August 26, 2009): Nova Audio, Inc. is a high-end and professional loudspeaker manufacturer based in Texas. Founded in 1992, Nova began producing OEM loudspeaker systems for the international market. These products are well known for their exceptional performance and value. In 1995, a new line of loudspeakers from Nova was introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronic Show (WCES). Our flagship Evolution is a no-holds-barred design that stands six feet tall and weighs in at 600 pounds per channel. Using some of the recent technologies and the finest materials available, these loudspeakers are engineered to deliver superior performance and most importantly, remarkable musicality. Nova products can be found in some of the world's finest home and studio sound systems.

Every component has been carefully selected based on its measured performance, and most importantly, on the musical qualities revealed in critical listening tests at Nova. Components are individually bench tested and matched to precise tolerances to assure that every loudspeaker system matches the characteristics and performance of the original design. This results in extremely close pair matching, which in turn, assures consistent spatial representation. Manufacturing is closely watched over by skilled craftspeople and technicians. Many operations are performed by hand, with each finished loudspeaker measured and auditioned prior to shipment. The Nova team takes pride in creating exceptionally musical loudspeakers that will give years of pleasure.

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