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Norh Loudspeaker web site (August 26, 2009): nOrh Loudspeaker has tried to rethink the way loudspeakers are made. We have examined all elements of the loudspeaker' to determine what can be done to improve the performance. The very first consideration has to be the drivers. Very few loudspeaker companies manufacture their own drivers. If the drivers are not good, then nothing about the design will work. No tuning of the crossover or adjustment to the cabinet can ever compensate for poor driver selection.

As a manufacturer, the most tempting proposition is to try to find the ultimate cheap driver. There are many very good drivers from China and Taiwan that do a remarkably good job. These drivers are unbelievably inexpensive. A driver that offers the same level of performance (on paper) as a $20 European woofer might be available for $3.00. A tweeter that performs (once again on paper) as well as a $15 tweeter can cost as little as $2.00. Many loudspeaker manufacturers can not resist the temptation to put these low-cost drivers into their systems. Remember that the results won't be bad. In fact, the results of some loudspeakers using Chinese and Taiwanese parts are surprisingly good.

We have tested many different drivers and we believe that the few dollars it costs to buy a high quality driver is well worth it. Our nOrh 7.0 uses some of the more expensive drivers available anywhere.

I have seen very expensive loudspeakers using very cheap components. At nOrh, we will identify what drivers we use in all our products.

Most high end loudspeakers that cost from $600 USD to $2000 USD use mid-priced European drivers from companies like Vifa, Focal, SEAs, Audax or Scanspeak. While they might be five to ten times more expensive than their Taiwanese or Chinese counterparts, the sound that emerges from these drivers is richer and more detailed. Most people would be completely satisfied with mid-priced European drivers.

Few of the most expensive loudspeakers use the absolute best drivers available. Vifa's "top-of-the-line" series is called the performance series. Their 6 1/2 inch performance woofer can produce 35 hz vs. 45 Hz for their middle speaker. Additionally, this woofer simply sounds better. Scanspeak's 15W-8530K00 woofer is the most amazing woofer we have ever seen. This small woofer can produce more bass than much larger woofers. It is also one of the most expensive woofers available. We use this woofer in our nOrh 9.0.

Michael C. Barnes - Designer of nOrh Loudspeakers

I believe that the tweeter is even more important than the woofer. The tweeter is where all the richness of the music is produced. The woofer produces sound up to the frequency you hear through a telephone. The tweeter must take over from there and add all the detail and sheen you expect from a high quality system. Probably no area of sound reproduction has improved more than tweeters. If your loudspeaker is more than five years old, you haven't heard what a modern tweeter is capable of. Unfortunately, like great cars, fine wines and beautiful women, great tweeters aren't cheap.

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