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Nexo web site (August 26, 2009): NEXO are among Europe's top three sound reinforcement loudspeaker manufacturers. Based in Paris, the company was founded in 1979 by Eric Vincenot and Michael Johnson and since 2008 is a wholly owned strategic business unit of YAMAHA CORPORATION.

What separates NEXO from the competition is an innovative, integrated systems approach to loudspeaker research and development. Each new product/system begins with sophisticated computer simulations, executed by our highly specialised proprietary software. After the design specification stage, the entire electro-acoustic signal chain is thoroughly modeled and product performance rigorously evaluated to maximize system performance in an incredibly short time frame.

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Nexo web site (January 25, 2010): Since its creation in 1979 as a private company by Eric Vincenot and Michael Johnson, NEXO has specialised in the fabrication of professional acoustic speaker systems.

1981-1983 The beginning of the 1980s saw a rapid development of NEXO„˘s activity. NEXO recorded its first commercial and technical success, notably at Theatre du Gymnase in Paris for a production by Grand Orchestre du Splendid.Launch of Integrated System, a compact professional Audio System. The company rapidly established itself as one of the primary independent professional speaker manufacturing brands in France. First national tour with CharlElie Couture utilising the Integrated System.

1984-1987 First export success to Italy and Belgium. Prestigious installation completed at the Maison de la Culture in Grenoble.Launch of the PC model line, a middle powered system destined for theatre and conference centre market. Strong export growth primarily in Europe (Italy & Belgium) and Singapore. Exports represent more than 50% of the activity.

1988-1991 NEXO acquires its primary supplier, CAB Industrie.The company obtains large contracts in France: Opera de Bastille, Patinoire Olympique de Grenoble and further expands its exports.Launch of the high-end TS system, a high-powered speaker system, destined for touring market in large venues.

1992 NEXO creates a subsidiary in Singapore, NEXO Far East Pte Ltd, to further expand NEXO„˘s presence in the Asian market. During this time, NEXO manufactures approximately 1500 speakers per year, primarily its high-end models.

1993-1994 Launch of PS10 speaker, the first product in the PS Series, destined for a wider clientele: theatre, conference centres.The success of NEXO„˘s high-end product line further consolidates NEXO„˘s reputation on the world market.Successful launch of the PS15 speaker, mid-powered cabinets, that to date is still NEXO„˘s best selling product. June 30th NEXO becomes a limited company.

1996-1997 Launch of the Alpha speaker line, replacing the TS models, a high-powered system destined for large applications.Due to Alpha, NEXO wins a large contract with the number one European rental company: SSE Hire UK. After a public tender, where NEXO was in direct competition with the biggest speaker manufacturers in the world, the company obtained a contract to equip Le Stade de France with the Alpha system.For NEXO, these two events represented the most important occurrences during 1996 and 1997.

NEXO created a sales office in the UK under the direction of Michael Johnson.NEXO experienced a spectacular 78% increase in revenue, manufacturing 8000 speakers per year.

1998 The media success of the 1998 World Football Cup in France further consolidates the NEXO brand around the world and contributes to its sales performance.In August, NEXO launched the AlphaE system, a system configured at a level below the Alpha line, destined for a larger market that includes activity parks, fixed installations in theatres, and discotheques.The growth of activity in Europe (Spain, UK, and Germany primarily) permitted NEXO to absorb the decrease in sales in Asia that resulted from the Asian financial crisis.

In October, the NEXO UK office officially becomes a part of NEXO SA/ Limited.In the second half of the year, the directors of NEXO prepare to open a US subsidiary.

1999 NEXO„˘s growth further accelerates and NEXO gains some of the top rental companies in HK and Japan as primary clients.The company creates a distribution subsidiary in the US, NEXO USA Inc. which starts its activities in January. Quickly NEXO USA gains prestigious clients such as THUNDER AUDIO in Detroit, Michigan.

In July, the company launches a digital processor that is destined to replace the analogue speaker processors. That product is the first in a digital product line from NEXO. The digital processor permits NEXO to consolidate its position as one of the technological leaders of the loudspeaker manufacturing industry.

2000 NEXO launches the PS8 speaker, the smallest of the PS Series, intended for the multimedia and AV market with the aim of achieving a larger market share of the sound reinforcement industry.High market growth in the USA. In September, NEXO is chosen from a group of seven other speaker manufacturers for a PS15 installation in Disney World. The Alpha system develops its market awareness in the USA and, in December, wins the Live Sound for Arena System of the Yearť award.

2001 NEXO floats 10% of it shares with an IPO on the Marche Libre of Euronext. The capital raised from the IPO permits NEXO to further continue its development of innovative sound reinforcement products.Some of the year„˘s highlights are: a full NEXO installation at the Olympic stadium in Istanbul, the Alpha system gaining renown with the some of the most important rental companies in the States, and the Detroit Symphonic Orchestra equipping itself with an Alpha system.In March and after three years of research, NEXO presented its GEO line technology at Frankfurt to much acclaim.

2002-2004 Production of the first GEO system started in April with the first demonstration of its performance capabilities at a production of Catsť in London. In December 2002, the first shipments of GEO T start and its success is immediate.The GEO T system is very well received around the world with a number of international rock and roll tours (Oasis, David Gray, etc) and festivals such as Glastonbury utilizing the system.In March, Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas equips itself with a large quantity of PS speakers.

NEXO further increases its market share internationally and opens an office in Argentina to oversee sales and technical support in South America, Central America and Mexico.2004 is a record year in NEXO„˘s operations with the success of the GEO T system. The GEO T system has made NEXO one of the leading companies in the sound reinforcement industry, especially for large touring applications.

2005 The NEXO distribution network is further expanded internationally, and NEXO opens an office in Asia.The primary event of the year is the signing of a strategic technological alliance with Yamaha Corporation of Japan. The alliance leads to an accord whereby YCAS becomes NEXO„˘s exclusive distributor for the USA markets.

2006 NEXO sees its recognition growing with the installation of NEXO systems at Disneyland Paris and in the Stade at Reims in France.The Yamaha alliance is consolidated by an agreement making YCAS the exclusive distributor of NEXO products in Canada, and NEXO adds to its international network new distributors in India and Bangladesh. NEXO launches the GEO D system, a mid-range line array system that meets with immediate success on the world market.

2007 2007 has been a busy year for NEXO. The latest product offering from NEXO„˘s GEO Technology line is the GEO S12 system. The GEO S12 system is revolutionary in the sense that it can be configured in multiple ways, making the system extremely adaptable for touring and installation markets.In September, NEXO launched two more revolutionary products. NXAMP is the first product offering from NEXO„˘s strategic alliance with Yamaha. NXAMPs are revolutionary because they use just one DSP to control the digital controller and the amplifier. The amplifiers have been configured to fit perfectly across all of NEXO„˘s product lines and the 4x4 model is considered to be one of the most powerful amplifiers in the industry.

The third revolutionary product launched in 2007 is NEXO„˘s patent-pending RAY Sub Technology. The technology is derived from pushing the capabilities of LF control. RAY Subs are the first subwoofers to offer complete LF control and omni directional polar patterns from a single cabinet. First to market is the RS15 subwoofer, comprised of two 15 inch transducers, which provides ample performance for small and medium system configurations.

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