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Solid State Amplifiers

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Neukomm Audio Systems web site (January 25, 2010): Transistor Amplifier - A new technology In the sixties, came up with the advent of power bipolar transistors in output stages of stereo amplifiers, the Question of Whether the new technology could also occur phonetically in competition with roehrenbestuekten devices.

In all-night listening sessions with fellow students, Dr. Hans R. Neukomm was trying to crystallize later founder of Neukomm Audio Systems, the differences between devices of both technologies. But regardless of countless upgrades equipment - we never learn from - the result Remained the same: tube amp euphemistically looked at the cost of the clarity and could not hide the fact that high output impedance critical currents and stability of speakers were not in their strengths, while a transistor amplifier, and an aggressive therefore seems hardly tolerable provided sound. A coherent skills good - bad honestly could not be forgiven, even if the disadvantages could be mitigated on both sides with something special circuit techniques.

Such optimized transistor amplifiers were manufactured in the wake of Dr. Hans R. Neukomm for the Zurich music critic and high-end pioneer Arnold Bopp respectable circulation figures. In addition is here remark that this courageous and E. The first step was taken to dispense with all sound distorting circuit components, such as tone controls, so-called Aurally-accurate volume control, etc., and to seek, within linear response of the amplifier as possible.

Power MOSFET - Ultra-fast and Strompotent

With nearly unlimited output currents and frequencies up to the megahertz range Power MOSFET Amplifier opened a new dimension of Verstaerkerbaus. Majority of power MOSFETs combine the advantages of tubes and bipolar transistors.

As a consequence of the Development of fast and high-resolution AD and DA converters were also among the various options as a buffer and signal amplifier used analog ICs recorded significant progress, so that components are available for some years to surpass even earlier than wishful thinking by far looked Specifications .

As detailed listening tests also confirmed the benefits of the latest technology, components, was given the incentive for the development and production of a new generation of audio devices.

Neukomm Audio Systems - Company Formation / Products

The foundation of the company Neukomm Audio Systems took place on 30 November 1990 with the aim of taking advantage of the latest resp. most suitable technology to develop audio equipment to the absolute top class, produce and make accessible to the widest possible circle of music lovers at affordable prices.

The long critical look at the requirements for neutral music reproduction has led to exceptional results: Amplifier, Vor-/Endverstaerker-Kombinationen, CD player and tuner of the absolute top class. For lovers of vinyl record stood phono preamp - for moving coil and moving magnet cartridge - are available.

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