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Nakamichi Corporation web site (August 2002): Nakamichi Corporation is one of the world's premiere manufacturers of high quality, high performance audio/video and multimedia equipment. Long renowned for the sophistication of its home audio and mobile sound systems, the Company continues to introduce leading edge products that are widely available throughout the United States and Canada, as well as throughout the world.

James Wong (May 7, 2009): Nakamichi also produced high quality decks for several other brands like Onkyo and Kyocera.To find out if your hi-end deck is not Nakamichi-related go to the site


Nakamichi Corporation web site (August 2002): Founded in 1948 The Company initially designed and developed portable radios, tone arms, speakers and communications equipment. Within three years, a open-reel tape recorder was introduced and by 1957, the Company was also manufacturing magnetic heads and tape recorders. By 1967, the Company was supplying both cassette decks and open-reel tape decks on an OEM basis to many major brand name companies.

1972 Th he first Nakamichi branded products were released, and were targeted to 'audiophiles' that demanded superior quality in their equipment. The Company's premiere product was the world's first 3-head cassette deck, and this device is widely credited with allowing the cassette tape to become a serious music medium.

1990 The Company introduced its first line of MusicBank CD changers, which used a patented seven disc internal stacker mechanism. In 1994 alone, over 2 million of these mechanisms were produced for the worldwide audio market, both by Nakamichi and under license by most of the major audio component manufacturers. This mechanism also became the foundation of the Company's entrance into the computer peripheral market.

1999/2000 The new millenium sees Nakamichi as the preeminent leader in the "design-driven" category of audio and home theater systems. A new and exciting range of SoundSpace products were introduced in 1999/2000. Among them, seven SoundSpace systems; the 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 21 have received the coveted and prestigious Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Award in 2000, 2001 and 2002 juried by the Industrial Designers Association of America.

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