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Dynamic Speakers

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NCA Laboratories web site (August 26, 2009): NCA was founded on the principle of providing high quality loud speakers. Our goal is not just to be profitable, but to also provide a quality product. The goal of our business is to produce an exceptional product first; profits will follow.

It started off nearly 40 years ago when our founder, Glenn Stasky started tinkering with loudspeakers. Soon he found his calling, in the loudspeaker industry. After years of car stereo installation, audio sales jobs and science fairs, he went off to study Physics and then Business. Right out of school, he was offered a position with a prominent Audio company on the West coast. After many years and successful loudspeaker products he became a partner in their manufacturing division. In his tenure as a manufacturing partner Glenn learned the importance of quality construction and sound design. He eventually realized he wanted to do more, so he set out on his own and founded NCA.

He quickly realized that there was a need for better quality parts and improved design. So, he set out to find them. Not only did he find them, he found ways to improve upon them. By closely dealing with vendors all over the world, Glenn built many strong and trustworthy relationships. By doing so, NCA has become very efficient at keeping a low overhead, which keeps the pricing competitive.

NCA has grown from a one bedroom production facility into a well run and respected business located in Sacramento California. Many companies and popular brands deal with NCA to help them achieve their performance goal. A popular saying at NCA is while we may not know everything about speakers, we know who to call¯.

NCA has adopted a Lead Fly Swatter approach when it comes to building sub woofers. Meaning if a bolt needs fastening not only do we fasten it, but we use a locking compound AND a lock washer. NCA's competitors have said that what NCA does is overkill. Actions speak louder than words. NCA's products have a reputation for high reliability, and if something does fail, we stand behind what we say and do.

Training of personnel is an ongoing job at NCA. This is one key to reliability. Each and every employee is in charge of QC. At any point during the manufacturing stage, every employee has the right to halt production due to a flaw that they catch. The employee that catches this will receive a bonus. Many of the workers at NCA have celebrated multiple anniversaries. Like they say happy employees make better loudspeakers¯.

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