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TAC (August 31, 2011): To date we could not find any information on this brand. Any info would be highly appreciated.

Roger Modjeski (December 20, 2012): email is Please see our forum on Audio Circle for the most up to date information on what is happening with Roger's designs.


Music Reference web site (December 2003): Music Reference and RAM Tube WorksMusic Reference (MR) was founded in 1980 in Santa Barbara by Roger A. Modjeski after the completion of 3 years as Chief Engineer at Harold Beveridge, Inc. There he designed the RM-1 preamp and the RM-3 Crossover while apprenticing under Mr. Beveridge in the field of Electrostatic Loudspeaker design. The first product for MR was the RM-4 tube pre-preamp, which set new standards for low noise amplification of moving coil cartridges.

The RM-5 preamp was released in 1981 and the RM-9 power amp in 1986 completing a line of high performance tube amplification products. These products enjoyed many years at top rated components by Stereophile Magazine, with the RM-9 being rated class A with "$$$" (a rating equal to products costing ten times as much). In addition to value and fine performance, MR products are known for their ease of use, reliability and longevity. From a sales point of view the products have a long market life with the RM-5 being produced over a 20-year period with only minor changes.

The RM-10 was introduced in 1996 adding a low cost 40-watt power amp to the line. The RM-200 replaced the RM-9 in 1998 as our 100-watt fully balanced amplifier. All enjoy dedicated customers with some owning several pieces. The products have become collector items and enjoy good resale value on the used market. It has been often said "For a small company, you have a big voice in the industry".

Ram Tube Works (RTW) was established in 1982 and was the first company to offer premium tubes tested by computer. Over the years several other companies have tried to take our market and failed. None has developed a computer tester to match ours. We now, once again, have this market to ourselves and it awaits our expansion to deeper levels. MR and RTW products are known worldwide. The RM-200 is the #1 amplifier in Greece (which has a very active audiophile market). We have enjoyed significant sales in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Europe.

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