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Music Link web site (September 19, 2009): State-of-way speakers MUSIC LINK represent the currently feasible technologically and acoustically in loudspeaker technology. In the development engineers can use the MUSIC LINK its long experience in the manufacture of studio monitors interception. The speakers are the acoustic symbiosis between very high quality home recording studios and playback.

Play time coherent, homogeneous dispersion and spectral energy balance are primarily in the development of the speakers. The tonal vote and the timbre of the speakers together with musicians from the fields of classical, jazz and modern elaborated in countless listening sessions and joined to form a harmonious whole.

During the construction to be used without regard to costs, only materials that develop in the Match Play another excellent properties. The speakers are selected and handcrafted by value for people who are special. The design is exceptional and fits in classical as in modern living environment.

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