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Montana web site (November 11, 2009): Like musical instruments created by legendary European artisans, Montana loudspeakers are built using the best materials available. All parts of every Montana speaker-cabinet materials, drivers, crossover components, wiring, damping materials- are selected for sonic quality. Inner cabinets are made with multi-layered Medite medium density fiberboard (MDF), then cross-braced and glued under pressure to eliminate any resonance. All crossover slopes are of the step 24dB/octave variety to minimize modulation distortion; every crossover component is either custom-made or provided by premium parts suppliers.

Montana loudspeakers feature combinations of drivers from renowned sources like McCauley, ScanSpeak, Vifa, Peerless, and SEAS; each driver is chosen for the application where it will perform best. Internal wiring in all Montana speakers is of audiophile quality; Monster M1.2S for bass and midrange, Monster XP for high frequencies. Cabinets are flawlessly finished with authentic wood veneers, giving each Montana loudspeaker the patina of fine furniture. The result: sculpture to grace any home, and sounds to satisfy the most demanding music lover.


Montana web site (September 12, 2009): Founded by loudspeaker designer Peter B. Noerbaek, PBN Audio is a high-performance audio technology company based in San Diego, California. Throughout the past decade, PBN products have won critical praise by reviewers from such prestigious publications as Stereophile, Bound for Sound, Fi, and The Audiophile Voice. PBN’s Montana loudspeakers have twice attained Stereophile’s coveted “Recommended Components” list.

Montana loudspeakers at all price points have a similarity of sound and look that is far more than a family resemblance. The shared design elements such as massively reinforced, non-parallel cabinet walls have been proven to contribute to a more realistic soundfield. Each model in the PBN speaker line contains the best parts available; with extraordinary attention devoted to making them work together as a synergistic whole. The result is a seamless transparency and effortless dynamism that few other loudspeakers are capable of achieving. But it’s the natural dynamics, in fact, that set all Montana loudspeakers apart from the competition.

Each Montana speaker is rigorously engineered and meticulously hand-assembled, followed by auditioning and testing in real world conditions. In addition to glossy piano black lacquer, all models are available in a wide variety of real wood finishes, including some exotic species. PBN will custom paint any model in almost any color for an additional fee. We also build custom loudspeakers for professional applications, such as recording and mastering studios, as well as for home theater use. That’s why the Custom Shop’s motto is: “If you can think it, we can build it.”

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