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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Monrio web site (September 12, 2009): Since its birth, has been following Monrio only one aim: to create a true emotion of satisfaction and happiness in the listeners. Just as the dream of any musician is to involve his listener until they become part his musical inspiration, so our dream is to plan sound systems Able to offer such satisfying musical expressions that the listener is fully pleased with the time devoted to the music. Our pretension is neither a real listening experience to bring to your house - it is not possible to do it - nor to imitate the reality but to represent it in the best possible way, conveying our passion and our experience to the listeners, fully aware that listening to a live concert is a musical event, while listening to the same concert on CD or LP through reproduction is not a musical event.

Manufacturing and offering the finest audio equipment is part of our mission.

Giovanni Gazzola (September 27, 2009): new address and telephone number MONRIO Via G. Subacchi, 14 29100 Piacenza Italy tel. no. +39 0523 072309 Cel. +39 3382335753

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