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Dynamic Speakers

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Monolite web site (January 30, 2010): In Monolite Design & Technology we consider the Music as an amazing soul therapy. We are at the continuous research of the perfect equilibrium between the rational sphere and the emotional one, between intellect and emotion, between passion and progress, between style and acoustics, proposing in every project the same alchemy between Technology and Design.

We try to contemporarily involve more senses, in a process that we love to define Multisensorial, where all counts, products, services, values, professional ethics, personality, creativity, passion and culture all combined for creating a distinctive image, an unique product.

The Technological Innovation, the Acoustic Performance and the Made In Italy Design are the distinctive elements of Monolite's dna such as, they are transmitted with passion in all of our speakers.

Projected to research solutions that always anticipate the stylistic trends and customers needs, we are deeply convinced that our job can contribute to improve our clients life.


Monolite web site (January 30, 2010): MonoliteŁ body space of a sole piece, united, compact and indestructible.

Our business history is born from the indomitable personality and creativity of Michele Di Prinzio, and as it always happens, from a brilliant idea, a precise dream, from an extraordinary will to:

"To plan and give life to a new concept of Speakers able to express the most, the beauty virtue, the Made In Italy style , the elegance of Design and an innovative manufactoring philosophy, our total joint Cabinet Unibloc, solid and resistant as a Monolite! "

This is the idea that struck Mr Michele Di Prinzio in 1996, from which the Monolite Design & Technology Company started, also the deep passion for our creations and for our job, the Materialization of Music.

The first production line represents a real break point in comparison to the traditional aesthetical speaker canons, the scheming forms of Gold & Silver have been often associated by specialized reviews, to the marvelous Parisian symbol, the Eiffel Tour.

In 1998 Monolite deciced to develop an ambitious project and to enter in a very competitive segment, the On Wall speakers. The Gold Wall line is born with a precise constructive high-end philosophy and with the will to differentiate it, in terms of quality and performance, from the traditional on wall speaker collections, expecially those in plastics.

In 2002 the on wall speaker market represents Monolites core business, so that we decided to make our precious range with Slim. In 2006 were born PianoŁ and NovecentoŁ that complete the Micro Gold bookshelf line, and the new Slim version with two servowoofers is introduced.

In the 2007 Monolite completes its production with Challenger, Challenger ClassŁ, and also the innovative Central Channel, CentroŁ and with four New floorstanding models.

Today after eleven years of continuous growth, Monolite Design & Technology is ready to consolidate more and more its presence in the world market with the same passion, energy and tenacity that day after day it has been characterizing us for eleven years.

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