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TAC (March 24, 2010): The Modular Acoustics website is currently offline.

Nick Fournier (September 12, 2009): DescriptionModular Acoustics is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has just celebrated its one year anniversary. Over 500 panels have been shipped with great reviews. Many customers love them so much they've placed second and third orders. They just can't get enough.

When I went to treat my studio space I researched acoustics and DIY plans. After a while I started researching the products that were currently on the market and was greatly disappointed with the price of acoustic products. There just wasn't a product that fit most people's budget. I personally didn't know anyone that was willing to spend $2400 on an acoustic treatment. I knew there was a huge market that wasn't being acknowledged; the people who don't have tons of money for acoustics.

Music is an expensive hobby but it's a lot of fun for the people who do it. Making money with your hobby is a dream for everyone but until you hit it big, you'll most likely be pinching pennies saving as much money as you can. That's what I do and so I've come up with a product to help out.

Acoustics is expensive any way you look at it, but it is one of the most valuable investments in a music environment. Sure, you can spend $1000 on a mic but all that mic is going to record is all of the flaws of your room. And those new $1200 monitors might sound better than your old ones but for some reason you still can't get the bass to sound right. That's where acoustic treatment comes in, to help clean up the low end and first reflections.

The new Modular Acoustics panels are finally ready! They are best deal out there. No other product on the market has the flexibility and performance for the price. They're innovative yet incredibly simple, that's what makes them so inexpensive. The portability of the panels is what really sets them apart. The fact that you can set them up as an instant vocal booth and quickly set them up in the room when you're ready to mix makes them unlike any other product. I'm proud to finally offer acoustic solutions that really performs for such a low price.

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