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Mission's M-Cube consists of five neat, curvaceous cuboid satellites coupled with a compact subwoofer and is set to change the way home entertainment integrates into your living space. Diminutive in size yet big in sound and encompassing stylish features and build quality, M-Cube is a truly aspirational Home Theatre System.


Mission web site (May 2009): Mission Electronics was launched in 1977 and in 1978 the revolutionary 770 loudspeaker was launched. It was the first audiophile loudspeaker to use a polypropylene drive unit and went on to garner acclaim and admiration. Since then, introducing new technology and radical manufacturing techniques has remained a prime factor in our success.

Through the years we have produced many "firsts". In 1979 we released the first DC-coupled transcription tone-arm, the Mission 774, and the 700 loudspeaker, which, with its inverted drive unit array, brought the price of esoteric loudspeaker performance down to budget hi-fi level. In 1981 came the Mission 776, the world's first DC-powered pre-amplifier, and the 777, the fastest MOSFET power amplifier of its day. The Mission Isoplat, introduced in 1983, pioneered the use of Sorbothane to isolate sensitive components from vibration.

The end of the 1980s was an exciting period for Mission loudspeakers. Combining the latest technologies with twelve years' worth of experience, we began producing our new generation of speaker systems, heralded by the Mission760.

Constantly breaking through technological barriers has involved making lavish investments in human and engineering resources. Our headquarters and factory premises, based at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, embody the latest in production and computing technology. Our investment in leading edge machinery is eclipsed only by our investment in people.

Our search for better and more exciting products continues and the results of our efforts can be seen on this site. To maintain our position at the forefront of the home entertainment industry, we have now ventured into the Audio Visual arena with a range of products that are exciting and innovative.

While we are justifiably proud of our technological achievements we fully recognise the importance of subjective evaluation. There is much to be gained from measurement and technical analysis but you do not buy products to assess them on a laboratory bench. You want to use them to tap into the emotional depths of fine performances, to understand why a composer has scored a work in a particular manner, to see how the music's intonation, timing and dynamics can stimulate or relax you.

To produce components that satisfy these criteria takes more than technical expertise; it requires a comprehensive understanding and intense passion for music. This partly explains why our products have, despite their advanced, sophisticated nature, always entertained the ideal of minimalism. They reflect our conviction that by putting fewer components between the original recording and your ears, more of the performance will emerge in its natural, authentic state. At Mission, technology always plays second fiddle to the music and its message!

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