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Microtech Gefell GMBH web site (September 12, 2009): The year 1946 also marks the founding of the Georg Neumann GmbH by Georg Neumann in Berlin.

1949 Erich Kohnast designs this modified trademark in Gefell: In addition, it shows a stylised microphone bottle in the middle with the inscription Neumann. (The use of this brand is prohibited by GDR authorities as part of the forced nationalization of the limited partnership Georg Neumann & Co. in 1972.)

1950 the company Georg Neumann & Co. increases its activities in the field of acoustic measurement technology, based on its traditions dating from the 1930s. New condenser measurement microphones are developed and become part of the serial production. These new developments are carried out in cooperation with the Heinrich Hertz Institute of the AdW.

1956 the centralist regime of the GDR forces private companies to accept state co-ownership. Like thousands of other companies, Georg Neumann & Co. becomes a so-called BSB (Betrieb mit staatlicher Beteiligung company under state participation). Nevertheless, Georg Neumann, concerned about his employees, offers his assistance in further expanding the company.

During the 1950s, radio stations in Berlin are rebuilt and production in Gefell continues, both of the known microphone types and of new ones

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