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Micron web site (September 12, 2009): Manufactured by Audio Engineering, a company specialising solely in wireless microphone technology, Micron high-performance systems are renowned for their sound quality, rugged construction and reliability in the field.

The extensive range of Micron UHF and VHF radio microphone systems is used worldwide, in television studios, in ENG and outside broadcast, for location sound recording, and in theatre's and conference venues - with products in continuous service for over twenty years.

The wide choice of products includes multi-channel diversity receiving systems, single- and multi-channel portable diversity systems for sound recordists, camera-based receiving systems, pocket and hand-held transmitters, plus associated wireless talkback and monitoring systems.


Micron web site (September 12, 2009): Audio Engineering is based in North London, with offices in a period house, adjoining large purpose-built manufacturing facilities. The company has a 30-year history of developing high performance wireless microphone technology, pioneering many of the advances seen by the professional audio and broadcast industries. The company is also highly instrumental in the continuing negotiations with the regulatory bodies, regarding radio spectrum usage and frequency allocation.

Audio Engineering benefits from a highly qualified and experienced R&D team, supported by an abundance of leading-edge research technology. Automated manufacturing capabilities are complemented by CAD systems and a series of screened rooms, which provide RF-secure environments for equipment testing. Surface-mount technology combines with best-practice engineering standards, to ensure long-lasting products with exemplary performance.

A Brief History

Founded in 1965, the company has a long pedigree as a specialist supplier to the film and broadcast industries, launching The Blimp - a lightweight sound-proof jacket for film cameras - as its first product. A crystal sync system for film cameras soon followed, accompanied by microphone phantom power supplies. The development of Micron radio microphone systems commenced in 1970, with the first units being launched in 1972.

The initial range included a high-quality wireless microphone with a previously-unheard degree of acoustic transparency, setting the industry standard for this type of device. In 1980, Audio Engineering became the first manufacturer to produce a modular radio microphone rack system, with individual diversity receivers, spearheading the use of multi-channel diversity systems in television studios, EFP and theatres.

Development continued with the introduction of the Micron CNS compander-based diversity system - first used on the 1984 Barbican production of 'Les Miserables'. The Micron CNS (Complementary Noise Suppression) System is a key ingredient in the products' long-standing reputation for sound quality and has been continually updated and enhanced. Recent Micron developments include the introduction of frequency-synthesis technology across a variety of wireless microphone and communications systems, with many featuring a particularly a wide RF tuning range, plus further expansion of the multi-channel diversity receiver options for location sound recording and ENG/EFP.

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