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Martin Speakers web site (March 24, 2010): Martin: The name itself is synonymous with quality audio loudspeakers and meticulous craftsmanship. For over 40 years, Martin has been creating quality loudspeakers for audiophiles and celebrities that enjoy and demand only the best. Many of these speakers are still providing excellent sound, a true testament to quality workmanship. Today, each pair of Martin Speakers is painstakingly handcrafted to order in a proud family tradition that spans nearly half a century. Martin Speakers is proud to present the all-new Martin Gamma Series. A speaker that combines 'Old School Martin' quality with 'New School technology'. Listen to the sweet, irresistible sound of Martin. Listen to the difference.

Martin Speakers U.S.A. is the original Martin Speaker Company


Micheal D. Martin (May 16, 2007): making speakers including the GAMMA LINE since 1964

Martin Speakers USA web site (January 2009)): In 1964 Frederick I. Martin founded Martin Speakers U.S.A., a division of Eastman Sound Manufacturing Corporation. A company dedicated to the design and manufacture of one kind of product and only one kind of product, the worlds finest loudspeakers. Using only components of the highest caliber and the most stringent quality controls imaginable Fredrick Martin manufactured the most exceptional loudspeaker systems available at any price. Each pair was meticulously handcrafted one by one for a discerning audience that demanded the Sound of Perfection.

Martin Speakers were the number one selling loudspeaker in Europe year after year. Their popularity was so overwhelming that the demand in Europe actually prevented saturation in the American market. Martin Speakers have been praised by Paru dans Harmonie and La Nouvelle Revue Du Son two of Europe’s most popular audio publications. Martin gained worldwide recognition after being rigorously tested by The National Testing Laboratories of France where the Martin ranked superior to many Speaker Systems costing far more than the Martin Gamma ® and Transflex ® series.

Martin's ability to disperse sound accurately and in balance is unique. The unprecedented combination of spaciousness and smoothness derives from several factors present in no other loudspeaker system. Over the years some of Martin's more prestigious clients have included Joe Cocker, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Faye Dunaway, Peter Max and Marvin Aday better known as Meatloaf. Martin Speakers, a new standard of performance built by people who listen.

In 1986 Fred Martin retired, handing the family business over to his oldest son Michael who is responsible for the design and manufacture of the companies latest product line. Martin Speakers are still handcrafted one by one. Martin is now focused on Internet sales and introducing to America what Europeans have enjoyed for over 40 years, The irresistible sound of Martin Speakers...

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