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Electrostatic Speakers

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Joerg Baar (March 2001): Today I surfed through a tour an US-american engineer took to the MartinLogan plant. It was very interesting, there were a lot of pictures and texts about the development. Guess what ESL was in the reference-listening room. Right there stood a pair of the QUAD 57, direkt next to a Martin Logan speaker. You can find a picture of it in the Quad / pictures section.

(Steve Ekblad, March 2001) :A Visit to Martin Logan in Lawrence Kansas

Magnus J├Ânsson (January 27, 2017): How are you supposed to contact MartinLogan?
No mail in sight anywere....., and they dont respond on their contact form on website.


Martin Logan web site (December 2003): Company Origin

How it all started

Gayle Martin Sanders has a dream. It's a dream he's always had: To provide ultimate access to all media, music, film, entertainment, education, and communications, all of it there perfectly resolved, elegantly accessible, and pure.

In 1975, he became fascinated with electrostatic technology and was convinced that this technology was capable of the most perfect sound reproduction possible. This technology had been around for 30 years, but its high voltage was unsafe, its size requirements very large, its bass production nonexistent, not to mention that it was thoroughly unreliable to boot! That became Gayle's challenge.

Completely undaunted, he took the first steps toward a completely different approach in speaker design that would revolutionize the way people enjoy recorded musical performances worldwide. In 1978 he began by spending one year in the Kansas University engineering library studying everything he could find on electrostatic technology. All the study and experimentation began to show promise and early in 1979 the dream of an all new electrostatic speaker system began to take shape.

This dream became a reality after he teamed up with Ron Sutherland. In 1981 they created the world's first practical electrostatic loudspeaker, the MartinLogan Monolith.

Along the way Gayle received numerous awards and US Government patents including one on the CLS curvilinear line source electrostatic panel that is the heart of every MartinLogan speaker.

From the first Monolith speaker to MartinLogan's most recent product releases, Gayle and the growing number of dedicated people at MartinLogan have produced a continuous stream of audio and home theater breakthroughs ranging from the incomparable Statement E-2 to the space saving Scenario completely transforming the listening experience.

Stay tuned to MartinLogan. The best just keeps on coming.

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