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Dynamic Speakers

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Martin web site (September 5, 2009): The philosophy of our company is to bring the music to the listener as close as possible. The transform your living room into a concert hall, will never succeed completely. However, it is possible to create an almost perfect illusion of a live experience. " The atmosphere, the feeling to be there, the joy and emotion, all this can be quite bring in your own listening room.

Our models ANTHEA and Lingea are carried out in a symmetrical arrangement (d'Appolito). Thus it is possible to reach a figure similar to a point source or the broadband loudspeakers. The tweeter in all three models as used Air Motion Transformer ETON the company owns the 10-fold membrane surface of a conventional 28 mm dome tweeter has, while a lower moving mass and is able to accelerate faster the air by a factor of 6. This produces a very fast pulse reproduction

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