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Mark Levinson web site (December 2003): For over a quarter of a century, Mark Levinson components have been constructed with a single-minded dedication to preserving the properties that make music and cinema special. Serious music lovers have come to think of them as precision instruments capable of extracting every nuance and shading embedded in a recording. Mark Levinson components combine the latest manufacturing technology with the skills of the most highly trained, conscientious craftsmen in the industry.

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John Jones (August 23, 2009): Mark Levinson: A division of Harman Specialty Group.


Mark Levinson web site (December 2003): In the early 1970's, many people felt that audio components were taking a musical step backward. Some of the early pioneers and developers of component audio had sold their companies to others who were mass-producing products for a much wider market. At the same time, the transistor had largely replaced the vacuum tube in electronic design. Although the new audio products measured better and were generally more reliable than their predecessors, critical listeners found that they preferred listening to the best of the equipment from the 1960's.

Some concluded that the transistor itself was the main culprit, and turned back to vacuum tube designs to recapture more authentic reproduction of music. Although many excellent products have come out of this tradition, they have sacrificed the inherently greater reliability, consistency, and convenience of solid-state technology. From its beginning in 1972, Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS) took advantage of new technologies, and refined them for superior musical reproduction.

Like most "high-end" companies to this day, the early Mark Levinson products were the result of what can be called a craftsmanship approach to audio design. Careful choice of the finest components and attention to details of layout and construction, along with an industrial design that moved the austere look of professional studio equipment into our living rooms, contributed to the legendary performance and reputation of the early Mark Levinson products. Unfortunately, Mark Levinson Audio Systems the company ¯was never able to achieve a stable business structure, and finally ceased to exist on October 15, 1984.

Initially formed as its sister distribution company, Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Inc., led by founder Sanford Berlin, began gathering the resources to carry on the important work of MLAS. The traditions of handcrafted quality and sonic excellence established by the failed company were reborn when on January 31, 1985, Madrigal purchased the entire assets of MLAS. Many of the key employees returned upon reopening of the factory, and production of Mark Levinson audio components resumed. Madrigal, however, soon progressed beyond the one-man design approach still typical of contemporary high-end audio companies. In 1985, the first university trained engineer was added to the full time staff.

Since then, Madrigal has invested heavily in fundamental Research and Development. A full-time professional engineering staff is maintained, representing a variety of disciplines including analog and digital electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial design. These designers, along with supporting staff, computing tools and instrumentation represent a commitment to technological excellence unparalleled among high-end audio companies. At the same time, we recognize that our ears are the most sophisticated test instruments available, and have developed a unique relationship between subjective and objective evaluation, wherein each complements the other. This rigorous design approach has resulted in products that set the pace for musical performance, measure well on the test bench, and perform consistently for many years.

From the introduction of the Mark Levinson No 20 Reference Amplifiers in 1986 through the No 40 Media Console in 2002, Madrigal has brought the Mark Levinson product line to the pinnacle of international prestige, earning numerous "reference class" designations from reviewers as well as awards from groups representing consumers, dealers, reviewers, and manufacturers. We have also earned a reputation for enduring value, thanks to the outstanding performance, consistency, reliability, and durability of our designs. Moreover, our models remain in the marketplace longer, since they operate at the "state of the art" (which cannot be advanced according to a regular, annual schedule)

In 2000, we launched the first in a series of Mark Levinson Premium Sound Systems, designed exclusively for the new Lexus LS430, their flagship sedan. Since then, the Mark Levinson option has been offered on other Lexus models and in 2001 became standard equipment in the new SC430 Sport Coupe. The quiet passenger cabin and Lexus genuine interest in delivering superior results have helped this partnership flourish in the pursuit of perfection.

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Harman Speciality Group USA based maker of high end audio and AV electronics and loudspeakers. Founded when Harman International decided to organise all their high end products into one company in 2003, this company integrates the home audio products from Lexicon with the brands that they gained when they took over Madrigal, including Mark Levinson and Revel

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