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TAC (August 29, 2009): To date we could not find any information on this brand other than the models listed. Any info would be highly appreciated.

valter (November 30, 2013):

Speaker without compromising mid-high section horn back reversed.
Transparency , high definition, consistency , speed, great dynamics : these are the prerogatives of the speaker dulcet made ​​possible by unconventional design choices .
The absolute lack of coloration , despite the horn loading is , for example , attributed to use , for the range of frequencies from 250 to 25,000 Hz , a single transducer that emits directly and frontally treble and posteriorly the medium - low, using only the latter frequencies the amplification effect resulting from the trumpet .
The speed and Definition as given , however, are insured by crews lightweight furniture ( a few tenths of a gram for the tweeters , 15.5 grams for the woofers ) .
The extended and articulate bass response (30 Hz measured in linear environment ) , STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS despite the lightness of the membranes of the woofers, is ultimately guaranteed by the rediscovery of the original cabinet RJ used more than half a century ago in the studios of Radio Television French ( ORTF ) , lined with a sheet of lead .
The efficiency of 98 dB / w / m, impedance of 8 Ohms make it suitable to be used with any amplifier, solid state or valves, a power greater than 2 watts.
The internal wiring is made of pure silver wire to 99.99 %, while the crossover, placed in an external drive , it is made with just a few components of the highest quality Swiss manufacturer of Audio Consulting .
Mid-high section : transducers non-conventional horn-loaded inverted Frequency response: 200 - 25.000Hz
Bass section : 28.5 cm Speaker - exponential cone paper - RJ load - frequency response of 30 Hz -250
Frequency response 30 - 25.000Hz
Recommended power : 1 to 30 Watts
Height 155 cm
Depth 52 cm
Width 55 cm
Weight 60 kg each
It ' a product MANTRA SOUND Ltd.
Borgo Pinti , 80

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