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TAC (August 29, 2009): The Majeel laboratories website is currently offline.

Majeel Laboratories web site (August 29, 2009): Majeel Laboratories was founded by a Japanese national, Jun Makino, who has resided in Singapore since 1979. The company started in mid 1997 as a Research & Product Development Center, specializing in audio for the consumer hi-fi, professional and the sound reinforcement industries. Majeel also worked on developing intellectual property (IP) and licensing, pioneering the ground-breaking "Floating Error Cancellation Technique" (FECT) (tm), which has a high potential of becoming a standard for future design of audio products.

By 1998, Majeel had completed its research on two proprietary technologies, one being the FECT and the other being a unique tape circuitry. In the same year, PRISTINE (tm), a high end audio brand was created with the completion of two innovative products - a high fidelity dual monaural audio amplifier, the PRISTINE A-S10 and the TAPE Integrated Circuit, JT2607P. A-S10, using the FECT circuit, was widely acclaimed by an international audience during its launch at CES 1999 in Las Vegas, USA. This was in early 1999. In the same year, Majeel created another new circuit topology, to be added to its IP products, known as Energy Saving Switch circuitry or the ESS (tm) with a Zero Current Drain (ZoD) (tm) Measurement during off state. The ESS now forms a base for many further circuits and product applications that are being evolved.

In 2000, Majeel expanded its researches into loudspeaker technology and products. A new brand was introduced: NAGISA (tm), a Japanese word, which represents the foreshore where the sea water breaks into waves. Its creator aims to produce a range of loudspeakers that gives the consumer, a reproduction of sound so realistic and natural, unlike anything ever heard before. Listening to the Nagisa evokes the same feeling of tranquility, which one experiences while walking on the Nagisa. NAGISA’s entry products, the L-A20 and L-A10, are in their initial stages of production with their prototypes introduced during the Professional Audio Technology Show (part of the Broadcast Asia Exhibition) held during June 2001, in Singapore.

In this new millennium, Majeel has evolved into a company which is involved in the research, design, manufacturing and the distribution of audio systems for the professional, reinforcement and the audiophile markets. The company promises to deliver a series of new products which will be truly ground-breaking. Majeel Laboratories, a true combination of inspiration and innovation.

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