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Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Headphones
Solid State Amplifiers
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Valve Amplifiers

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Magnavox web site (July 25, 2009): Many brands will cite contributions to an industry. Magnavox however, lays legitimate claim as one of the original cornerstones of the entire consumer electronics industry. If you have any doubt, ask yourself this...what would the world of entertainment be like if there was no radio or CD player to listen to? What if theaters offered only silent movies instead of the spectacular surround sound we experience?

The consumer electronics industry as we know it today had its beginnings with the invention of the loudspeaker in 1915. It is the very same electro-dynamic principle that drives virtually every modern your outdoor concerts...and in your home. Because the loudspeaker afforded the world the first example of amplified open-air listening, it was dubbed the "Great Voice". Because the inventors (Edwin Pridham and Peter Jensen ) had a fondness for Latin, they translated their "Great Voice" into the Latin equivalent: Magna-Vox, and one of the world's most enduring and respected brand names was born.

A lot has happened since 1915, and Magnavox has been a leader all through the ensuing years with famous Magnavox Milestones which continued to shape the industry and helped propel it to offer the incredible sophistication and variety of consumer electronics products available today.

Here are just a few examples of additional famous Magnavox Milestones that followed their invention of the world's first loudspeaker in 1915:

1915 AMPLIFIED the whole family can enjoy the music!

1937 HIGH FIDELITY its day, as significant as the modern-day introduction of compact disc!

1949 CHROMATIC FILTER FOR TV...eased eyestrain and set new standards for all TV manufacturers!

1958 STEREOPHONIC HIGH-FIDELITY RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS...the introduction of stereo sound in one instrument for the home!

1961 "electric-eye" that automatically adjusted the TV picture according to the room environment!

1962 ASTRO-SONIC HIGH FIDELITY...eliminated vacuum tubes with fully transistorized pre-amp, amplifier, and tuner!

1969 TOTAL AUTOMATIC COLOR...automatic tint and color control system!

1974 STAR TELEVISION...the tuning system that allowed random choice of channels on a remote control keypad...the forerunner of the remote control system found on virtually every TV on the market today!

1974 ODYSSEY...the first home video game!

1978 MAGNAVISION...the laser is introduced to home entertainment via movies in the new Laserdisc format!

1983 COMPACT DISC...introduced to the U.S. by Magnavox!

1986 UNIVERSAL REMOTE ONE remote can control BOTH the TV and VCR!

1987-COMPACT DISC VIDEO...known also as CDV, this was the first video software in the compact disc format...a forerunner of today's DVD!

1992 SMART SOUND...also known as "automatic volume control", this feature eliminated annoying increases in TV volume (usually found in commercials).

1993 REMOTE LOCATOR...simply turn your TV "on" manually if the remote control is missing, and it will beep to reveal its location!

We're sure you'll agree that Magnavox has proven itself Smart over the years with its many innovations. Today, Magnavox has harnessed its efforts to focus on the specific mission of providing the highest performance and quality at a most affordable price. This makes Magnavox a Very Smart and trusted choice for consumers.

Now you know what we mean when we say: Magnavox...Smart. Very Smart.


Magnavox web site (July 25, 2009): In 1910 Magnavox started as "Commercial Wireless & Development Company" at Napa, California. Peter L. Jansen, Edwin S. Pridham (both ex Federal Telegraph Company) and Richard O'Connor (finance) formed the company to achieve a sensitive telephone receiver. In 1915 Jensen and Pridham have put a horn to their "telephone receiver with moving-coil system" and then used it as a "Fog-Horn" for the local baseball park (Radio & TV News, February 1959). They called it Magna Vox. They developed a phonograph pickup and made a joint venture with Sonora in 1917 called "Commercial Wireless & Development Company".

They developed the "SE4005 noise-cancelling microphone" for aircraft intercoms. In 1919 Magnavox moved from 526 Mission Street, San Francisco to 14th Street in Oakland and made vacuum-tube power amplifiers. In February 1920 Magnavox introduced a radio speaker, forerunner of the 1921 Model R-3.

1924 Magnavox began also to produce a tube "A" with a special design and a year later also radios.

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