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ME Geithain web site (September 5, 2009): The fall of the Berlin Wall has brought us, audio-wise, two good things from East-Germany. One of these you know already, our resident cable-loonie Thorsten Loesch; the other you're about to be acquainted with now.

Enter Musikelectronic Geithain, a small (13 employees) loudspeaker manufacturer, situated in the picturesque village of ... Geithain, and deep into quality professional audio since, oh, the sixties. Not just pro-audio. No. Uncompromised pro-audio. Headed by Joachim Kiesler, musician, director, and instrument-builder, not to mention engineer, Geithain made its quest the quest for perfect neutrality. And for perfect dynamics.

And so, after a small-scale start, the company grew. And its speakers grew, in size and in ambition. Implementing improvement after improvement. And the factory grew, now including a large anechoic room as well as a rather unique reference room for multi-channel reproduction.

These people do not know the verb 'to compromise'. Safely tucked-away in behind the Iron Curtain, these people simply tackled any problem encountered by investigating it, and then by bluntly eliminating it.

As you already would have thought by now: ME Geithain make all of their components in-house, according to their own ideas, and rooted in their own decades-old experience. Perhaps that a few years isolation from the western world is not a bad thing in hifi!

Or is it? Other things indicate that ME-Geithain also has remained wrapped-up in professional audio lore, and hence that they have not been receptive to some of the valid new findings originating from the audiophile community. Perhaps the future can bring a bit of cross-fertilisation?

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