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John Ravenscort (October 2000): This is a four-way system using a unique ribbon technology that are mounted to produce a 360 degree soundfield around the speaker. The speaker uses tweeter, midrange and two woofers one high and one low.

Ted Lindblad (July 2003): Just surfing through the web today and noticed you have the MBL 101D down as a ribbon type loudspeaker. Simply for clarification, the 101D and 111B use isotropic type drivers which radiate sound in phase in 360 degrees. No (typical) ribbons here... My Best Regards, Ted Lindblad

MBL web site (December 2003): MBL PERFECTION TO THE END. When the demands of the individual become the reference for the industry. More than 20 years have passed since Wolfgang Meletzky formed MBL Akustikger te GmbH and, as his first accomplishment, he presented a speaker that revolutionized music reproduction in the high-end range. Since that time, our Berlin-based manufacturing company has produced high fidelity components and complete systems that have astounded Industry experts and as well as discriminating music lovers. These products have redefined sound reference while maintaining a stunning visual presentation. And all that is based on a very simple, but convincing motto: For Our Customers “Only the Best!"

In 1979, Wolfgang Meletzky, a qualified engineer, made a convincing debut for the trade press. That speaker development created a technological standard that has meanwhile become a tradition for MBL. As previously mentioned, our innovative spirit has impressed numerous high end authorities. The US magazine “The Absolute Sound" confirmed this in 1992 when the leading editorial team selected the mbl 101 B radial speaker as the music lover's ultimate dream. It is hardly surprising then that this success continues on unabated and that current MBL speakers can be found ranking first the world over (Recommended Product Year 2000: MBL #1 “Stereophile", USA).

Of course, such spectacular results are no coincidence. The search for what's new and better is anchored in the company philosophy, which reflects the high demands the MBL group makes upon themselves: to manufacture hi-fi components that combine unparalleled sound with innovative design.

An Orchestra In Your Living Room - Live Sound At Home Sensational high-end equipment impressively demonstrates how the high standards are reflected acoustically in brilliant sound. Regardless of whether it's the high-end of the reference class, such as the “Top-Line" system, or a first-time experience entering into the world of quality high fidelity, with the compact “Basic-Line", MBL always stands for the greatest sound enjoyment.

The “Berlin Originals" bring the live concert experience within the music lover's four walls as if by magic. The power of the output stages reveals the finest subtleties of the speaker, makes the listener truly feel the dynamics of the bursting orchestra pit and entices frequencies of even the finest solo voices from the MBL tuner in an incomparably natural way.

MBL offers complete sound systems to suit the budget of every serious music lover from US$ 10,000. to far more than US$ 100,000. We at MBL strive to satisfy every desire and the most discerning tastes in the classical color combination of Black/Gold or in elegant Arctic-Silver.

MBL Made In Germany and Highly Respected Throughout The World To maintain this high standard, MBL relies on only the most competent partner themselves. MBL manufactures everything from the electronics to the speaker itself in their own production facilities. This strict control guarantees absolute quality at every stage, a quality that characterizes every piece of MBL equipment. This enormous degree of flexibility generates innovations for the audiophile market. Experts the world over truly appreciate these three little words: “Made in Germany". MBL exports to more than 15 countries around the globe.

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