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Lubbel Labs web site (October 3, 2009): Lubell Labs manufactures the World's Most Popular and Powerful Underwater Loudspeakers. Because of their heavy duty construction and US Navy documented broadband performance, Lubell underwater speakers have become the first choice of professional sound engineers around the world. The Lubell LL916C was selected over worldwide competition for use at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, and the Aquarius Underwater Habitat in the Florida Keys.

Lubell underwater loudspeakers and systems are ideal for synchronized swimming practice or competition, lap swimming, oceanography, acoustic tomography, research in underwater acoustics, acoustic soliton modeling, SCUBA instruction, commercial and military diver recall, cave exploration, marine biology, underwater music festivals, underwater movie production, NASA and RKA Neutral Buoyancy Labs, music therapy, dive boats, dolphin and whale communication, accelerating plant growth in hydroponic facilities, reducing degassing times in breweries, repelling fish and waterfowl from contaminated waters and hydroelectric facilities, and installation in residential, hotel, and university swimming pools.

Lubell Underwater Loudspeakers have been used in the production of many movies including Benji, Flipper, Free Willy, Seaquest DSV, The Abyss, Titanic, Waterworld, Event Horizon, Saving Private Ryan, Entrapment, The Mummy, The World Is Not Enough, Jason and the Argonauts, 102 Dalmatians, Harry Potter, and more.


Lubbel Labs web site (October 3, 2009): In 1968, history was made when Alan H. Lubell (MSEE) invented and patented the world's first broadband piezoelectric underwater loudspeaker. Because of its remarkable efficiency, a single Lubell underwater loudspeaker easily covered a 20 acre lake (Sportsman's Lake) with crystal clear music, astonishing hundreds of swimmers and divers. Even more remarkable - the speaker was powered by a small Sony tape recorder rated at only 5 watts!

After much excitement and rave reviews at the 1970 National Senior Synchronized Swimming Championships in San Francisco, Lubell Laboratories was created to manufacture and offer this amazing new underwater speaker to synchronized swim teams, SCUBA divers, and universities all over the world. Today after ceaseless research and development, Lubell Labs holds the distinction of manufacturing the World's Most Popular and Powerful commercial underwater speakers! Finally industry professionals and synchronized swimmers have their choice of the #1 portable underwater speaker (LL916) and built-in underwater speaker (9484) with the best documented performance and the longest warranties in the industry!

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