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Dynamic Speakers

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Rajiv D'Souza (June 16, 2008): Lithos Acoustics manufactures High End Speakers and Home Theatre Speaker Systems. Immerse yourself in high fidelity presented with a truly unique perspective. 10 years in the understanding of two critical Lithos philosophies. No Listening Fatigue and Subwoofer Satellite combinations ensure an unbeatable listening experience. Designed, manufactured and tested in India, Lithos delivers true audiophile grade, high end speakers at a fraction of the cost of international companies.


Rajiv D'Souza (June 16, 2008): Lithos was founded in 1995, and soon became known for it's audiophile quality products in the then nascent Indian audiophile market. Lithos has a small product range with tremendous R&D going into each product. Lithos is successfully selling it's products in India - and to a lesser extent, worldwide direct.

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