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Linear Research web site (September 28, 2009): Linear Research Associates formed in 1974 to design and fabricate electronic instrumentation systems for research groups at Cornell University. Since that beginning, the scope of Linear's work has grown to encompass a wide range of applied research and development projects in physics and electrical engineering.

One such project, commissioned in 1991, was a request for study and recommendation of a possible solution to an EM site magnetic field problem. In response to this request, Linear Research Associates developed and installed a prototype wideband active-feedback system which reduced interfering magnetic fields by a factor of approximately 20. Not long after installation of the prototype, Linear received third-party inquiries about the system and, eventually, purchase orders for additional prototype systems. In mid-1992, Linear finalized an improved commercial design of the active-feedback system, filed for patent protection and initiated production of its current EMFC-series active magnetic field compensation product line.

A series of significant performance upgrades have been implemented since that time, including the introduction of an extended range ("QDC") version for compensating slowly-varying magnetic fields due to movement of elevators, trucks, subway trains, etc.

In 1995, the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office granted Linear Research Associates two fundamental patents covering its unique wideband active-feedback magnetic shielding technology.

Since 1992, EMFC-series magnetic field compensation systems have been successfully installed at dozens of EM sites throughout the United States. We take great pride in both our proven technical excellence in diagnosing and solving magnetic interference problems and in our close and positive working relationship with customers. Give us a call - Linear Research Associates will gladly assist with any questions you may have regarding site survey, engineering or EMF issues.

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