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LT Sound web site (October 3, 2009): Long before Karaoke became popularized in the United States, we invented the Thompson Vocal EliminatorTM back in 1976. The first units were analog and we quickly developed the reputation as THE company for Vocal EliminationTM Over the years we have also developed many other products for recording studio usage including Compressors, Limiters, Reverbs, Parametric Equalizers, and Crossovers. With the introduction of the Digital units in 1994, we decided to concentrate all of our efforts primarily on Vocal EliminationTM, Vocal Enhancement, and Key Transposition. Our algorithms in these areas are in a continual state of evolution and refinement. The product you purchase from us today will be state of the art and with our upgrade able software, you will be able to take advantage of future enhancements.

We are located just outside Atlanta, GA on a private 52 acre estate which houses our manufacturing facility complete with our own 2,600 ft private airfield. If you plan to be in the Atlanta area and want to drop by, be sure to call ahead. We can set up a demo, but need at least two days notice to be sure a technician is available.

To understand my company and what drives it, you are going to have to understand me. I'm Lacy Thompson, Jr. First, Last, and Always I am a Singer. Singing has been my chief passion since the age of 13. I never set out to start a company when I invented the Vocal EliminatorTM in 1976. I was pursuing my singing dreams. After exhausting myself trying to record my own background tracks the "There's GOT to be a better Way!" echoing in my mind produced the Vocal EliminatorTM It was to be my "secret weapon" in producing my own free, professional quality, instantly available music from recordings I wanted to sing. Starting a company was the Last thing on my mind! It was only months later when I decided that perhaps, in the short term, I could make a better living making and selling my "magic box" than singing. It never was meant to be more than a two or three year gig and was supposed to be a "stepping stone" back to my real passion of singing. I was 22 years old at the time, and that was over 30 years ago.

Making money, or running a Big company doesn't excite me. Singing Does ! Designing Superior Products to meet the needs of people like myself who are truly Passionate about Singing is the chief objective of my company LT Sound. My products are a by-product of my personal passion for singing. I'll use any crutch I can get to make my voice sound its best. That's why so many people who buy the Vocal EliminatorTM for the background music are astounded by how their voice sounds so much better through it than they have every heard it sound before, even in studios!

I am convinced it is my passion for singing and my being an actual "user" of my equipment that gives my companies designs their edge. Focus, Commitment, Constantly Elevating Standards, Being an End-User of Your Designs, and Passion! they make all the difference in the world!

I sincerely hope you, as a singer, derive as much pleasure from the VE-4 as I do. If singing is your passion, it will likely be the most important purchase you will ever make as a singer.

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