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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

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Krypton web site (October 3, 2009): Audio device to play music "tools" is. So KRYNA audio creation, the "tools" the most important things to consider as increase the value. Example KRYNA the amplifier tube is used. It is because you have the proper tools as the best vacuum tube amplifying devices.

Sensitivity is important to making music. But in making those sounds do not emotionally. There is a "theory" exists. Toriæ–¹and also how to set up the voltage, there are all logical pattern. Audio ignored the logical pattern is incomplete as a tool.

Three-dimensional sound has to be The sound is not Kunaku Sound is quiet but not

Of course it is also in audio accessories. Without sticking to the genre of music, Manufacture products for the power behind the edge of the sound always remains the same-old now. Lightness of sound that pours from the stage. A dynamic and aggressive, and I remember that everyone in the whole body experience. The experience of many who would like to feel different audio through the ...

We Horogurafikkusaundo (stereo sound) Sun want everyone to deliver on our product development people. Only the most balanced product being put together based on the faithful to the principles of making sound and KRYNA is a brand that is allowed.

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