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Krell website (October 5, 2000): Perhaps no company in audio enjoys a more distinguished reputation for engineering innovation and product excellence than does Krell. Founded in 1980 by Dan and Rondi D'Agostino, Krell consistently has won laudatory reviews and wide-ranging praise from the industry's most knowledgeable and discerning commentators and reviewers.

Both Dan and Rondi gained valuable insight about the needs and desires of high-end customers by the time that destiny brought them together. What they both clearly understood was the nature of high-end product design: High-end audio is driven by the ongoing quest of the audiophile and music lover, to experience true excellence in design, execution, and performance in audio equipment. It was on this premise that the company, Krell Industries, Inc., was founded.

In the past seventeen years, Krell has grown and flourished. Each year has brought performance innovation in product design and expansive corporate development. Dan D'Agostino's keen understanding of the importance of the development of and investment in new designs and technologies has significantly impacted the high-end audio marketplace worldwide. Competitors having a lesser vision have all but disappeared. Rondi's business leadership, knowledge, and enthusiasm for high-end audio products are an inspiration to the entire Krell staff.

Today, the Krell mission continues to be the introduction of high-end audio components known for innovative engineering, perfection in build quality, exceptional value, exemplary service support, and outstanding audio reproduction - the authentic sound of music from Krell.



Krell website (October 5, 2000):

1980 Dan and Rondi founded Krell in order to bring new amplifier designs to market unfettered by the understandings of other engineers and executives about product viability and design. Krell introduces its first product, the KSA-100, which is the first high-power, high-current, true Class A biased stereo power amplifier to enter the market. The young company struggles to meet unexpectedly high demand as the KSA-100 is embraced by audiophiles of the time.

1982 Krell introduces the KSA-50, a smaller and less-costly version of the KSA-100. Again demand soars beyond Krell's ability to supply.

1983 KMA-100 and KMA-200 mono amplifiers introduce DC coupling from input to output, eliminating capacitors from the signal path. They also contain fully regulated power supplies for the front-end voltage gain stages and sophisticated protection circuitry for the output amplifiers. These innovations, coupled with massive power supplies, enable Krell amplifiers to drive any speakers with ease.

1987 The KRS-200 mono power amplifier brings convection cooling to Krell products, eliminating the previous fan cooling. It doubles the standard for Class A power and quickly becomes the reference standard for modern amplifier design. It also sets the world standard for substance, 5.6 cubic feet and 240lbs!

1988 With the KSA-80 and KSA-200 amplifiers, Krell introduced fully balanced amplifier design, which maintains balanced operation from input to output.

1989 Krell pioneers the use of 64X oversampling in digital circuitry in the SBP 64X digital to analog converter.

1990 The KSA-250 (quickly followed by the KSA-150) introduces the innovation auto biasing. It uses robust construction techniques, which are quickly imitated by other companies in the field. A new progressive-start circuit eases the power surge of the mammoth amplifier's turn-on.

The Krell factory strives to meet continually rising demand without restraining on Dan's uncompromising standards of quality construction and exhaustive testing. Its dealer base grows with the expansion of the high-end market.

1992 The Krell Audio Standard two-chassis, monaural power amplifier establishes the performance and esthetic standards for power amplifier design. Its fully-regulated power supplies, Sustained Plateau Bias, zero feedback, and remote power switching capability, each an engineering breakthrough in this class of equipment, help make it the world's premier amplifier design.

1993 Krell introduces the Krell Audio Standard 2 monaural power amplifier and the S-Series of stereo amplifiers: KSA-50S, KSA-100S, KSA-200S, and KSA-300S.

1996 The Full Power Balanced Series of power amplifiers extend Krell's innovation of Sustained Plateau Bias II and automatic biasing. These power amplifiers deliver Class A operation and massive power output, with perhaps the finest sound quality yet achieved. All three models continue the Krell tradition of fully balanced amplifier design.

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